Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Trip; the Impact

Throughout the next few months I plan to post my observations, revelations, hallucinations, and every other thing that changed my personal outlook as a result of my first trip to Africa by way of Senegal. The first is posted and rightfully reflects on Goree Island, the start of our journey as a people to Africa-America.

That this trip was made on the dawning of a new era in American history, an era that will see this great, conflicted nation about to inaugurate a man of African descent as its leader, is an irony not lost on me. It is on the minds of all who accompanied me, from the youngest to the oldest. That it was made during the holiest of times in America, when the most important Judeo-Christian religious ceremonies are celebrated, also seems fitting since most assuredly we all expected to have a spiritual experience that mere words could never articulate.

So bear with me as I bare my feelings about my journey. I promise not to tell you every single detail but I want you to understand how I am processing all that I experienced and for me that will come best as writing and ultimately art. More to come...


Jesus Chairez said...

Looking forward to the read darling.

Serena W. said...

I can't wait to hear. Just listening to you and Tish when you do think back to the trip and seeing the two of you right after it made me want to get on the plane on go that moment. Going back home is something surreal almost. I still talk about my trip to Africa nine years later. I'm way, way over due for a trip.